How to Properly Prepare For Your Upcoming Roof Replacement!

A roof replacement is a big job that could disrupt everyday life for a few days, or even a week depending on the size of the roof.

Fortunately, it is something that only needs to be done every 25 or more years as long as the installation is well cared for.

To avoid problems, plan ahead before the roof company gets there to start the work. If you have a roofing replacement scheduled soon, these tips will help!

1. Notify The Neighbors

Let your neighbors know a week or two ahead that you are having a roof replacement done so they are expecting the noise and mess.

They may even need to move their cars out of their own driveway as a precaution if it is close to property lines.

Common courtesy goes a long way when having major work done on the house that could affect the neighbors, too.

2. Clear The Area

The morning that the roof company plans to start the work, go around the house and clear away all items that could get in the way or become damaged.

Park cars on the street, then put patio furniture, barbecue grills, kids things, and all  other movable backyard items away in the garage.

There should be nothing around the house that could be in the way and create a safety hazard or be damaged by the contractors.

3. Mow and Prune Ahead of Time

Since it could take a few days for your roofing replacement to be finished, do any yard maintenance ahead of time.

Trees that come close to the roof should be trimmed back. If doing so requires calling out a tree service, plan that well in advance so it is done in time.

Messes around the front or backyard will be easier to clean up if the grass is shorter, too.

4. Protect Personal Property Inside

Depending on the home, it might be a good idea to protect certain items inside, too.

Pounding from above during a roof replacement could cause some interior walls to vibrate. It could also introduce, or shake loose dust in the attic space.

Plan ahead by taking picture frames off the walls and breakables off their shelves to store them in a safe spot until the work is complete.

Likewise, if there are items stored in the attic, consider covering them up with drop clothes or old sheets that can be taken off afterward to remove all the dust.

5. Take Down Satellite Dishes

When a whole roofing replacement is being done it is necessary to remove satellite dishes, antennas, and anything else that is mounted to the top of the roof to do a complete job.

Though the roofers could take it down themselves, it is a better idea to call your cable provider to take it down and then put it back up so it is done correctly.

If it is an old dish or antenna that no longer gets used, however, this is a good time to remove it and get rid of it.

6. Label Useable Power Outlets

Roof companies sometimes need to use power tools, especially if they are making repairs along with the new installation.

Before they arrive find all the outside outlets and make sure they have power, then show them to the roofers when they arrive.

7. Keep Kids and Pets Away

The biggest danger when having a roof replacement done is curious kids and pets getting in the way and someone getting hurt.

Explain to the kids what will be going on and that they are to stay out of the yard and away from the work crews.

Pets should be contained in a room or in their crates or somewhere else that they cannot escape.

If the noise and activity causes stress, consider loading everyone into the car and going to visit some family or friends for the day or doing a family activity. Just stay close by and accessible by phone.

Keep Things On Track With Early Preparation Before Roof Replacement

When the time comes for a roofing replacement it is recommended that you plan ahead in preparation for the contractor’s arrival.

A clean, safe work environment ensures the roofing company can do their best work, cars and personal property go undamaged, and there are no accidents.

Follow the 7 steps on this list and then let the contractors do the rest!