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What Is A Commercial Built-Up BUR Roof?

A built-up roof is one of the more popular systems that commercial roofing companies can install on a large building with a flat top.

Commonly called a BUR, these roofs are extremely durable and long-lived when installed by a professional commercial roofing contractor, then carefully maintained throughout the years.

What Is A Built-Up Roof System Made From?

Commercial roofing services know that BUR roof installations are made from multiple layers of different materials that, after a short time, bind together to create a single thick protective layer.

BUR roofs start out with an asphalt and synthetic rubber layer that creates waterproofing, then goes on to include polyester and fiberglass ply sheets, then another aggregate layer laid on top to protect all the layers. 

How Are The Layers Installed?

The built-up layers can be installed by commercial roofing companies either directly onto the top of the building or onto a layer of gravel, which creates what is called a ballasted BUR roof that separates the roofing materials from the top of the building.

These gravel-based ballasted installations are fireproof, as the gravel base will prevent fire from burning through to the top of the building, making them heavier and more expensive to install, but also more desirable when choosing a BUR system.

What Makes BUR Roofs So Popular?

Why are BUR systems installed by commercial roofing contractors so popular for large non-residential buildings?

Primarily, they are favored because they are inexpensive to install in comparison to membrane systems and other types of commercial roofing for flat roofs as well as being very durable.

A BUR roof done by a professional commercial roofing service can last 20 to 30 years depending on the climate and how well it is maintained.

It is a highly waterproof installation and also fairly UV-resistant when correctly installed, reducing the amount of heat transfer into the building. 

Are There Any Problems With BUR Roofs?

The biggest issues with BUR installations that require repairs by commercial roofing companies are blisters between layers or tears through the layers, both of which can affect the water resistance of the roof.

Water ponding can also happen on these roofs when not properly installed by an experienced commercial roofing contractor who knows how to make the surface flat and level to prevent it from happening.

If left uncorrected, ponding can lead to deterioration in the spot where water collects, eventually leading to hidden leaks and the damage that can be caused due to them.

Maintenance involves simply keeping the roof clean and checking for defects in the layers, poor drainage, and problems with the flashing.

Overall, BUR roofs installed by commercial roofing services are an efficient, easily maintained roofing system that works well for expansive commercial buildings. The key for getting the best installation is choosing a commercial roofing contractor experienced with installing these systems, and the detail required to ensure their durability.