What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Inspection

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Every homeowner should have his or her roof checked.

This starts from the very beginning when you purchase your home and should be scheduled periodically.

You should never wait to have your roofing inspected only when there are problems because roofing problems can be catastrophic. 

Uncover Possible Roofing Problems

A leaky roof can cause mold, which could affect your physical health and your home’s structural integrity.

If it gets into your electrical wiring, it can damage a lot of your home wiring and electrical appliances.

You might be a great Do It Yourself kind of person, you can probably change your own plumbing on your own but some things like roofing does not need a Jack-of-All-Trades lay person.

Rely On A Professional Roofing Company

If you were going to do it on your own would you even know what to look for?

There are things that might be obvious like cracked tiles but the truth is walking on your roof hoping to find problems might be dangerous for you and you could unwittingly damage the roof.

It is always better to leave specialized jobs to people who are qualified to do the job, who have the experience and the equipment to perform adequate inspection.

In the bigger scheme of things, calling in a roofing inspector will help you get an understanding of how long you should expect your roof to last.

When Should I Inspect My Roof?

There are three occasions when your roof needs to be inspected:

  • When it’s new to check if it adheres to the building codes
  • After a major storm to check if you don’t have to put in a roofing insurance claim
  • When you are sell or buying a new house
  • As a part of the house maintenance routine

In Summary

A roof should come with its own warranty but that’s not something most people think about when they get into their new homes.

If roofing can have its own insurance then it should have a warranty that you can revert to when problems arise.